Grand Rapids Homes in 3D

Jamie Krier
Jamie Krier
Published on December 11, 2015

The 3D and virtual reality market is exploding with innovation, and 616 Homes is proud to bring some of newest and most amazing technology to the Grand Rapids real estate market.

Using the same technology that Redfin and other tech-forward Real Estate companies have adopted, 616 Homes will be offering 3D walkthroughs as a standard feature for new listings.

For years, Realtors have been offering ‘Virutal Tours’ as part of their package, but so far nobody has really cared. Mostly, because these so called ‘Virtual Tours’ looked nothing like what you see above.

Instead, these previous versions of ‘Virtual Tours’ were simply wide-angle photos stitched together in a klunky way. Most agents and potential buyers found that clicking through the normal listing photos was a better experience than trying to navigate the actual tour.

Fortunately for the real estate industry, technology is catching up.

And fortunately for us at 616 Homes, Santa came early this year and brought us the awesome cameras and software that can generate the type of experience you saw above.

The experience is nothing short of amazing.

Want to try it for yourself? Check out the sample listing below by pressing the play button:

Pretty cool right?

The difference between the old technology (stitching together 2D images), compared to the new technology (3-dimensional rendered reality) means you can get 3D dollhouse-like perspectives that perfectly illustrate the floorplans of the house.

The “dollhouse view” lets you pan around, zoom-in and out of the different rooms and levels, just like you would a doll-house.

3-dimensional view of house looks like dollhouse

The “floorplan view” gives you a to-scale rendering of the layout.

3D view of the house provides accurate floorplan

So is this just cool technology, or will it actually make your home buying and selling process easier, faster, or more fun? We think all of the above…

Easier:  The Old Way: Clean your house, lock up your dogs, and take your family out to eat. Now someone can come walkthrough your house. Okay, now do that again, many more times, every time someone wants to walk through.  The New Way: Put a virtual 3D tour on our website and have hundreds of people walk through your house every week, reserving in-person showings for only serious buyers that have already seen it several times virtually.

Faster:  The Old Way: You list your home for sale and allow potential buyers to walkthrough on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  The New Way: You list your home for sale and allow people to walkthrough while they are standing in line at Startbucks. Which would you guess sells faster?

More Fun:  Did you play with the sample listing earlier in the post? Do you wish you could flip your home around in your web browser like a 3D dollhouse? Okay, enough said.


We’re super excited to be the proud new owners of one of these brand new fancy cameras that allow us to do this, and we’re dying to use them more often. So if you know anyone that is looking to sell their house, tell them to contact us at to ensure their property is marketed by the real estate agency leading Grand Rapids in technology and innovation.