Our Trusted Local Providers

It’s hard finding good people you can trust to do great work. Below is a list of our trusted local providers that we’ve personally seen do great work.

We get most of our new business at 616 Homes from personal referrals by happy customers, so we know first-hand how important those recommendations are.

We don’t take them lightly, either! When you make a referral, you’re on the hook if they don’t do a great job! We’re confident to stick our neck out there for these folks, but we don’t want them getting lazy so make sure to let us know if they do a good job for you.


Real Estate & Lending Professionals

A good mortgage lender does more than just find you the best rate (although it's pretty important they do that too!). When it comes to financing the biggest purchase of your life, you need someone you can trust to always work hard for you throughout the life of your mortgage.

There are a lot of great lenders in Grand Rapids, but these are the 2 we recommend most often:

Steve Kik Lake Michigan Credit Union

Steve Kik

Lake Michigan Credit Union


[email protected]

Brendan O'Driscoll | Treadstone Mortgage | Grand Rapids Morrtgage

Brendan O'Driscoll

Treadstone Mortgage

616-774-9160 (ext. 55224)

[email protected]

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Insurance Providers


Home Maintenance, Construction, & Repair

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Other Professionals we Trust

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