Five Bullet Friday

Jamie Krier
Jamie Krier
Published on June 24, 2016

Five Bullet Friday

Hi All,

Welcome to another addition of Five Bullet Friday, a short list of 5 things you might find interesting, amusing, or helpful.


My Favorite News Headline This Week

Twinkie co-owner buys the Playboy Mansion — with one catch

The playboy mansion, listed for $200M, has been purchased by 32-year-old heir Daren Metropoulos. Metropolous is the namesake of a private equity company which owns Hostess Brands, Pabst Brewing Co, and more.640_playboy_1
The catch? The buyer agreed to let 90-year old Hugh Hefner live out the remaining years of his life in the mansion, which was one of the required conditions of the sale from the start.


Weekend Entertainment in Grand Rapids

The Book of Mormon

New York Times called it “The Best Musical of this Century”, and I can personally attest to it being hilarious. My face hurt the day after I saw it from laughing so of mormon
It isn’t for the faint of heart, however. If you’re easily offended, you may want to prepare yourself. From the maker’s of South Park, it pushes the limits of offensive humor.


Grand Rapids Luxury Home of the Week

Who knew that this MTV Cribs-Style home was hiding in Alto Michigan, on the Thornapple River. On 1.36 acres with 110 feet of private frontage on the Thornapple River, it’s one of the coolest houses on the market right now.  See More Here.


Realtor Rant

It’s unbelievable to me how many homes are marketed on the MLS with just a few photos snapped from their cell phone. It really shouldn’t take a marketing background to figure out how things work today. Maybe some Realtors get too caught up with marketing THEMSELVES with fridge magnets and cold calls, and they forget their job is to market the HOME to potential buyers. Or maybe some Realtors don’t understand that over 80% of buyers start their home search online looking at photos from real estate websites. Or maybe they’re just lazy or cheap? One thing I know for sure is that it happens way too often.

I’m not talking about all Realtors, obviously. Most homes for sale in Grand Rapids are in good hands. Just make sure you hire someone who understands marketing, and isn’t going to skimp on hiring a professional photographer.


Home DIY Fix

Ever been caught with your hand in the leftover pizza box during your midnight snack because the squeaky wood floors woke up the house? repair-squeaky-floor-with-baby-powder-800xDo this: Grab yourself some baby powder (aka Talcum Powder) and generously sprinkle onto the squeaky floor. Then sweep it into the cracks and voila, no more squeaky floors.